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If you’re currently between jobs or looking for alternate ways to bring in some extra cash while staying home with your children, the web offers a plethora of legit side hustles for moms. These range from jobs that require no experience or qualifications to positions for experts who work in specialized fields.

So, as long as you have a relatively reliable computer/laptop and internet connection, you’ll most likely be able to find an online gig to either put food on your table or save up for your next overseas trip. Here are a few examples of online jobs that require different skills and levels of experience to provide you with an idea of what is available on the web today.

1. Transcriptionist

Average Salary: $23,602 (salaries provided by Glassdoor)

Job Description: Working as a transcriptionist is an excellent way to make money from the comfort of your home. Transcription work entails listening to recorded or live audio/video files and converting these into text documents.

Those who work across multiple industries and with any kind of audio/video material are called generalists. Although you do not need qualifications to do this kind of work, you can sign up for online training and earn certification, which will afford you an advantage when looking for new clients. Those with a background in medicine or law and a knowledge of relevant terminologies can also specialize as medical or legal transcription, which offers a higher hourly rate.

To be successful at this job you need to be fluent in English, or whatever language you choose to transcribe in, and should have a sound knowledge of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation usage. The right equipment will go a long way in making this job easier, for instance, transcription software that offers improved sound quality and added functionalities, as well as a foot pedal, which enables you to forward, rewind, and play audio with your foot.

There are various online sites where you can apply for transcription work, for instance, TranscribeMe and

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2. Virtual Assistant

Average Salary: $26,350

Job Description: With a current economic climate, companies are increasingly seeking ways to cut costs. One way of doing so is to hire virtual assistants who work from their homes as opposed to occupying a permanent position at the office.

The work that virtual assistants do vary, depending on the requirements of different companies, but normally involves administrative support like taking care of company correspondence, filing, travel accommodation bookings, data entry, and scheduling. Some companies may also expect virtual assistants to manage and update social media accounts.

Virtual assistants do not need formal education but some form of administrative experience is normally preferred. You can either work as a generalist, which means that you make your services available across all industries and sectors, or you may choose to specialize within a specific industry, for instance, real estate or podcasting or ecommerce.

If you’re looking for opportunities to work as a virtual assistant, there is an abundance of online platforms and companies that match clients with virtual assistants. Check out this list of virtual assistant jobs.

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3. Online English Teacher

Average Salary: $45,544

Job Description: The fact that the world has become more globalized, means that more and more people have the need to learn English. Over the last few years, online platforms have become a very popular and viable way to teach the language to both children and adults in countries all over the world.

As an online English teacher, you can choose from a great variety of companies to work for that all offer different kinds of teaching experiences and payment. You can, for instance, teach a group of schoolchildren or work one-on-one with an adult looking to better their business English. Examples of reputable online companies include Lingoda, VIPKid, Palfish, Dada, and Cambly, to name a few.

The requirements differ, depending on the company you work for. Whereas some companies require that teachers have a bachelor’s degree, or at least a TESOL certificate, others merely require that teachers are fluent in English. You also may or may not need previous teaching experience. Whatever the company you opt for, most offer some form of training and the necessary software.

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4. Virtual Health Coach

Average Salary: $46,764

Job Description: As a virtual health coach, you don’t need to limit your client base to your community but can offer your services to an international audience. Over the last years, there has been a marked shift in the way people think about healthcare, which involves a movement away from treating the symptoms of diseases with Western medicine towards preventing illness through healthy lifestyle choices.

This means that people are increasingly turning to professionals like health coaches to assist them in reaching their personal fitness and wellness goals. Virtual health coaches meet with their clients on a regular basis by using video-conferencing tools like Skype or Zoom, and then develop an individualized health plan for each client. The idea is to help clients develop healthy habits; that is, to provide them with an ongoing and effective solution to their health and lifestyle challenges, including weight problems, lack of energy, or chronic illness.

Although it is not a legal requirement, obtaining certification from a reputable institution will demonstrate your proficiency and excellence in the field. Those who are looking for job opportunities will do well to check out online health and wellness job boards, such as IHireNutrition and HealthcareJobsite. Noom also hires online coaches. You can also start your own website and offer your services to friends and family members to help you build an initial resume.

5. Freelance Writer

Average Salary: $52,807

Job Description: If you love the written word, there are also many opportunities online to work as a freelance writer. There are a variety of writing gigs to choose from. You could, for instance, do ghostwriting, or write copy, blogs, fiction, web content, e-books, academic essays, or news articles.

To obtain work, you can apply at one or more of the multiple online content marketing companies, which normally involves providing information regarding your education and experience and writing an onboarding test. Requirements differ from site to site: whereas some are strict about only accepting writers with experience, others are willing to give those who pass onboarding writing tests a chance.

Or, you can go out on your own and market yourself to clients directly. This route allows you to set your own rates and schedule and decide the type of content you want to focus on.

To be a good writer, you do not actually need qualifications. What clients will want to see, however, are examples of your work. The best way to provide them with such examples is to firstly build up a portfolio and try to get your articles published online. Secondly, it is always a good idea to start a blog to showcase your writing talents.

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These are only a few examples of online work opportunities that are available to you. Check out this post and this post, and you’ll see that there are freelancing positions available in just about any field. Whether you have not been able to secure full-time employment and need to find a way to pay the bills, or just want to boost your income, finding an online gig may just change your life for the better.

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